Watch the recordings from experts in their fields on a wide variety of aging-related topics. 

Aging Resources Press Release

Dr. Herbert from AdventHealth

AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Teresa Herbert, presents on COVID-19 safety protocols.

Scam and Fraud Prevention

Julie Goodwin, Regional Director at the Better Business Bureau, presents on senior scams and fraud prevention.

Mental Health During COVID

Dr. Dimitrova from AdventHealth presents on seniors' mental health during COVID-19.

Elder Law

Caroline Knox, Attorney at Knox Law in Hendersonville, speaks on legal issues for seniors to be aware of, including incapacity, power of attorney, beneficiaries, and more.

Nutrition Tips for Free-Range Older Adults: What You Need to Pay Attention to Now

Leah McGrath from Ingles Markets presents on senior diet and nutrition.

Hearing Loss and Health 

Audiologist Deborah Biggert from Biggert's Hearing Instruments in Hendersonville presents on hearing loss and health.

Elder Law

Brian T. Lawler and Heather Goldstein, Elder Law Attorneys at The Van Winkle Law Firm, present on developing a care plan, thinking through physical care needs, and planning for incapacity as you age.

Caregiver Support

Executive Director of Council on Aging for Buncombe County, Heather Bauer, presents on caregiving and caregiver support.

Dr. Kelley Singer from AdventHealth

Dr. Kelley Singer, Internal Medicine Doctor at AdventHealth presents on topics of helping aging adults; utilizing a system of the Four M's: what matters most, mentation, medicine, mobility; safe holiday plans during COVID; and more.