People transitioning from driving are often faced with the question of what to do with their vehicles.

Local nonprofit Working Wheels offers a solution by accepting donations of cars, inspecting and repairing them to ensure safety and reliability, and then selling those vehicles at a deeply reduced price to people in need of reliable transportation

"Donate a car, change a lie" is the motto of Working Wheels, an Asheville-based organization that recycles and repairs donated cars, transforming them into working wheels for working families in Western North Carolina

Working Wheels accepts vehicles in any condition and repairs as many of them as possible. The nonprofit collaborates with mechanic shops in the area who work on donated cars at a discounted price. Those vehicles that are not able to be placed in the program serve as parts cars or are sold to generate proceeds to help further the nonprofit's mission.

How to Donate to Working Wheels Donating a vehicle to Working Wheels begins by contacting the nonprofit by phone or through a form on their website.

After a 10-minute conversation about the vehicle, Working Wheels guides donors on how to transfer the car's title and get the vehicle to the nonprofit. Donors can then drop off cars themselves or have Working Wheels' volunteers come drive or tow the car away. In addition to donations of vehicles, Working Wheels - a 501c3 nonprofit - also accepts monetary contributions to the Parts and Repair fund.

A Vehicle's Next Chapter Can Have Big Impact Working Wheels has helped hundreds of program participants with their transportation needs. By having reliable transportation, these individuals have been able to work more hours, choose from a wider selection of available safe options, take themselves and their families to appointments and spend more time with their loved ones.

Working Wheels partners with trusted local organizations, including Helpmate, ABCCM, and Homeward Bound, to connect cars to people in need.


"This car means that I can get to work safely and on time," a participant named Karen said of her Working Wheels vehicle. "I have a good job, and with reliable transportation, I can advance."

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